you want to receive the best from the life you live, you will first have to give it your best. Never give it anything less. Because effort only releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. Do your part and give your best.


Bio Photography is my first love. It says who I am and how I see the world.

I do my best to help, to share, to find opportunities for others. Many have hurt me in the past – But I believe, what’s important is that we have shared a part of us, In order to give others a chance at something great. For I know in my heart, I’ve done my best to be sincere to each soul I encounter. Whether they remember that or not, just be thankful. You were there for them. 😉

I’ve grown into a simpler person now. Someone who just believes in the good in everyone and everything. I’ve let go of doubts and society’s opinions. Not worrying about what people will think and believe that my life is my own business.

Hence, my being a very private person. I don’t like nonsense. I don’t give opinions based on chat or text messages. I don’t judge. I listen. Life has a lot to teach. Being a good listener contributes a lot.

“Less is More.” Something that I truly believe in. If you want to stand out in a very subtle and effective way, just be a good observer. It won’t hurt to just be quiet.

Someone will always try to destroy you. It’s up to you if you give in. Thus, protect yoursef and don’t stick your nose in other people’s business. That way, you are safe.

Be happy with who you are and what you have. Be content with what you eat and how much you have. Be glad for honest friends and a loving family. Be happy.

If you believe in these… and you are a happy, simple, honest person… Then, I don’t mind being friends. For I am ordinary. And I think ordinary is special.

Enough of anger, regret & blame. Look forward to beautiful things and take responsibility. Stand firm and keep your word.

You want your life and everything around you better? Then make it happen. No one and nothing can make it happen for you.

akel lang 😉


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